Meet Bear’s Automotive Repair Employees

Bear’s Automotive Repair employees are the best employees in the world; in our opinion anyways.  Meet the people that make Bear’s the business it is.

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Christopher “Bear” Cotton

Chris has been working as a mechanic in Steamboat Springs for the last five years and is ASE certified.  He has a serious passion and knack for working on vehicles. While working at repair shops around town, he really enjoyed being able to help out the local community with their cars in his spare time. The Bear’s Automotive Repair slogan “Servicing Those Who Service Steamboat” is a direct reflection of his ideals.  He has always thought that the people who run and support this town deserve someone to support them and keep their cars running.

Payden Cotton

Payden has worked in guest services in Steamboat for the last four years.  She loves working with people and really enjoys getting to know the people of Steamboat.  For Bear’s Automotive Repair, she handles the marketing, appointments, and accounting.  When calling the shop, you will most likely speak to Payden.  She is a local artist and loves the creative and social aspects of her job.  If you ever need work done on your car, just call the shop and she will be happy to get you a quote and help work through the issue at hand.

In their spare time, Chris and Payden love to ski, fish, hike, and camp.  They have two dogs, Brady and Bailey, that they love to bring with them everywhere.  They also enjoy spending time with friends and enjoying Steamboat life.

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